Top 5 tips for a Perfect Headshot

1. Rest.

Nobody wants to have dark circles under their eyes and makeup can only do so much. Because the headshot usually focuses on the head and face, it is vitally important to look fresh and well rested. Also, remember to drink lot’s of water and stay well hydrated, it will help keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant. So get a good nights rest and drink plenty of water before coming into the studio, your photos will thank you.


2. Professional Styling.

The power of  a great professional hair and makeup artist cannot be emphasized enough. Don’t be afraid to stop by the salon and get pampered before coming in. Let your stylist know you are getting headshots taken and they will know to do a clean simple natural makeup look. If you have curly hair, professional styling is a must. We want to keep the frizzies at bay as much as possible as it will cut down on the editing time after your shoot. Also, have your stylist give you a look that keeps the hair out of your face as this makes your neck look longer and is way more flattering to the overall photograph. We want to enhance your features and make you look your best.

3. That Perfect Smize.

Watch America’s next top model? If so Tyra Banks taught us about the importance of the smize. What is the smize you ask? quite simply it means to smile with your eyes. Your eyes are the window to your soul, your personality is communicated through your eyes. The best smile in the world means nothing without a meaningful look through the eyes. Even if you don’t want to smile the look in your eyes will make or break a photograph. This technique is also known as the squinch, watch this video and you will be on the right track.

4. What to Wear.

Come in with a clear understanding of what you want to portray. The clothing you choose to wear reflects who you are and how you want to be perceived. A person who works in marketing or creative production will most likely be wearing something different than a C-Suite Executive. Make sure you dress to match who you are and what you do, authenticity is key here. Also double check to make sure your clothes are free of wrinkles and clean. If you are going for a more professional look remember to bring a few ties, cufflinks and maybe even your favorite watch. It is also important to remember to bring clothing that is more simple in design, avoid crazy patterns or super bright colors unless those are totally your style.

5. Backgrounds.

The purpose of a headshot is to communicate your personality and stand out from the crowd. This not only includes getting a good photo of you but it also includes planning the background you wish to have. We offer everything from standard white, grey and black backgrounds to environmental backgrounds that are shot outside or even in your own environment. If an image is going to be used online and in print, it is a good idea to have a shot on a standard white background as doing this will make it easier for designers to fit your image into their designs. If this image is going to be accompanying a story it is many times a good idea to photograph in an environment that supports the story being told. Give us a call at our Portland Studio and let’s find out which one is best for you!

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