A letter to our Team

To our team: 

This document is to outline the core fundamental operating principles of our company. We spend time with these principles every morning in the morning meeting. These are principles the company lives and dies by. To put things very simply this is religion.

C is for Customers: Without our customers we will not exist. The customers’ wants and needs must come to the forefront of our mind in every single decision that is made. How we operate our daily lives will impact whether or not we succeed at serving our customers every single day. We must put ourselves in the shoes of our customers at every turn. Every moment spent without the customer in mind is a moment wasted. Ask yourself before every decision, will this choice enhance my ability to serve customers in the long term? The core purpose of business in my belief is to serve and enable customers. Most of the time the customers will be third party individuals and companies. At other times the customers are ourselves the partners and owners of the business. We must remember that at every turn this company’s purpose is to serve customers, not only in the capacity of third party individuals and companies but also, and with just as much importance to serve us. Enabling us to achieve and accomplish our own personal missions. Helping us to build purpose in life, while letting passion, curiosity and exploration thrive. While it is commonly considered that revenue is the purpose of a business we don’t consider this to be true. Revenue will only come as a byproduct of serving the customer well. Caring for customers, this comes first.

A is for Action, No matter what the circumstances are, an unending, tireless, borderline insane commitment to action is our system of operating. We like to call it “MIA” Massive Imperfect Action. At every turn we get to decide to remain stationary or to act. To contemplate or to create. At times the action will be wrong, in fact many times the action will be very wrong. This is okay, without action we do not even get the opportunity to improve. There is no innovation without action. There is no exploration without action. There is no success in any line without great quantities of actions taken in the direction of the goal. By swinging the bat you gain the opportunity to win, when you stay home you will lose guaranteed. Now is the time to act.

R is for Revenue, Our current state of humanity is an economic one by nature. This is a measuring stick by which we track our progress. Driving revenue is foundational to us being able to achieve our goals. The more value we provide to customers the more our potential to increase revenue will increase. Revenue is the lifeblood of every successful business. With revenue we are able to relentlessly innovate and explore on behalf of our customers in turn providing more value to them over time which will drive revenue even further. Revenue is a powerful tool that should be managed carefully and with great attention to detail. Attention should be paid to the current revenues of our business and the things that we can do in the next  thirty, sixty and ninety days to increase that revenue while also building a compounding business machine for the long fifty to one hundred year term. We make a daily commitment to improve profit margins not just for the sake of the businesses balance sheet but more importantly and urgently to invest back into the businesses commitment to exploration and innovation on behalf of our customers. Money Matters. Pay Attention to it. 

E is for Empathy, In our daily interactions with others, coming from a place of empathy is foundational to living out these CARE principles. No matter the tone of voice, irrational argument or insensitive comment, take care to stop, listen and empathize with our fellow human beings. Whether it is your customer or your coworker, every individual deserves the chance to be heard and understood. We must take time to remember that empathy will be the single greatest secret weapon we have to win in every situation. It does not matter if it is a weekly review with your boss, a creative critiquing conversation or even a high pressure and stressful sales situation. We commit to building and growing our capacity to empathize with anyone no matter their background or belief.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this entire letter. Implementing these CARE principles in our daily life will greatly enhance our probabilities of success in work and with each other. It is my hope that we will keep these ideas front and center in our mind, impacting every interaction, every single day. 

You can count on me to champion these ideas, and while I am certain I fall short many times daily. I know without any doubt that these ideas are founded in truth and together we will build a corporation that cares.


Nathan V. Reimche-Vu


Reimche-Vu Corp,

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